They are synthetic extensions made of a polyester material. They are made to look like a natural perfect eyelash; thicker at the base thinner at the tip with a slight curl. They come in many different colors; the most popular is solid Black. These lashes are thicker than the natural hair to give the illusion of a much thicker lash line, and they come in different lengths so that we can re-design an eye-shape. These individual synthetic hairs are glued one by one with a medical grade bonding glue to your own natural lashes. When done right, you will see no clumps and have no tangles in your lashes.

There has been a lot of misrepresentation regarding this question. The truth is that a natural eyelash has only a 2 – 3 month lifecycle. In order to apply a synthetic eyelash to a natural hair, the natural hair has to be half the length of the synthetic hair we are applying – which means this hair could be a couple weeks or more into the natural lifecycle. With this being said, we apply a full set starting at 45+ lashes per eye, we include the first refill for free in two weeks. This allows us to see how fast your eyelashes grow as everyone’s growth cycle will be different. After this refill, you will have the option to keep up your lashes with continuous refills for as long as you wish or let the lash set you received grow out until the last lash has fallen out